Our Animals Are Getting In On The Pollution Crisis As He Collects Trash From A Road During Heavy Rains [VIDEO]

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It will steal your heart. A video went viral on YouTube where we can appreciate the moment in which a dog collects the garbage from the streets, despite the heavy rain.

You will not believe it. A dog has become the ‘star’ of YouTube, after it appeared in a viral video collecting garbage from the streets that had accumulated outside its owner’s house, due to heavy rains. The incident happened in Mexico and went around the world, thanks to social networks. Thousands of people in the United States, Canada, among other countries, could not believe the behaviour of the dog.

As detailed Televisa Laguna, the name of the dog that appears in this viral video on YouTube is ‘Spike’, the dog began to imitate the work of its owners, who were cleaning the street, because the intense rains it has caused the road to be filled with trash.

One by one, the papers, plastic bottles, cans, among other types of garbage were collected by ‘Spike’ so that he had no problems doing his job in the rain. After his selfless work, the dog was well received by its owners who never imagined that his dog would become ‘famous’ on YouTube.

Although the images have recently been viralized on Facebook and other social networks, the truth is that this incident occurred a few weeks ago in the state of Nuevo León, in Mexico. However, due to the fact that the dog-loving groups returned to the video, the clip became a trend.

We invite you to take a look at the following video posted on YouTube that shows the action in which this dog begins to clean the garbage from the streets, despite the incessant rain. If you are an animal lover, especially dogs, you cannot miss it for anything in the world.


Source: La Republica