It Finds Refuge On A Practical Floating Device To Save Itself From Drowning [VIDEO]

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On Facebook, the unique tactic that a rodent uses after finding an object has gone viral to take refuge in an enormous loss

A rat has attracted the attention of thousands of users on Facebook and other networks during the last hours, after a curious video was released showing its cunning feat to avoid drowning in the middle of a great flood.

Although the place of origin of the peculiar event is unknown, the images have already travelled around the world, after being disseminated on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

In the video, which already has thousands of reproductions on Facebook, you can see the unique moment in which the rodent uses the sandal of a man who floats on a huge water to transport during a storm and avoid falling into the water.

As indicated by some media in Tucumán , Mexico, where the curious incident would have occurred, the incident occurred in the garden of a house that had been flooded by heavy rains.

“We have seen many videos of the floods, but one like this I do not remember,” said the host of the local program ‘The First’.

Apparently, the peculiar scene did not go unnoticed by one of the inhabitants of the house, who did not hesitate to record it and then share it on Facebook and other social networks.

The images of this cunning rodent have not been slow in becoming viral on the networks, causing various reactions and comments from Facebook users, who shared the images, highlighting the animal’s feat and survival instinct.

“Incredible and admirable the ability of animals to take refuge and safeguard against any disaster,” said one of the Internet users viewing the photos.

It Finds Refuge On A Practical Floating Device To Save Itself From Drowning


Source: La Republica