Rare Albino Dolphins Are Filmed By Thai Fishermen (VIDEO)

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The cetaceans were attracted by the smell of the fish caught in the nets, and the fishermen took the opportunity to admire and record them.

A group of enchanting and rare albino dolphins was sighted by Thai fishermen, who without losing a moment began to feed the animals with part of their capture and took the opportunity to film the scene, reports The Nation Thailand portal.

Fishermen slaughtered on the coast of Songkhla province, in the south of the country, on January 12 when three of them watched these few marine mammals jumping to the surface. Since they were pulling their fishing nets at that time, fishermen are convinced that dolphins were attracted to the smell of fish.

The images show dolphins swimming and playing a few meters from the fishing boat.

“Some of the dolphins swam around the ship and seemed to ask for food,” said the SOS group administrator, the organization that published the video on January 14.

Watch the YouTube video below…


Source: Actualidad RT