His Plan Was To Act Adorable Until They Pet Him … And Then (VIDEO)

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Very strange behaviour. The viral video on YouTube recorded shows the moment in which a gigantic shark floats on his back and the bites the boat that was transporting a family.

You will not believe it. Thousands of YouTube users were amazed to see the viral video of a family encounter with a strange shark, which has shocked thousands of users of social networks. In the images you can see the huge shark acting very weird  The crazy predator caused fear in the passengers, who did not hesitate to record the incident.

The video has been posted on YouTube and quickly shared on other marine animal pages. According to the details in the publication that has gone viral, the incident occurred in Canada; However, users in Mexico are the ones who have registered the most comments in the post.

The first seconds of the clip records the big fish swimming on his back and then tries to bite the side of the boat. When the people realized this terrifying fact, they did not hesitate to record the moment and then share it on YouTube and other social networks.

Luckily, the authors of the video that has been viralized on the Internet did not suffer the attack of the shark, but they did get a great experience after being a few meters away from the fierce animal.

In this note we share the video that is trending on YouTube, where you can appreciate the voracious behaviour that the shark had when encountering a family of vacationers.


Source: La Republica