Divers Discover Strange Rock Under The Sea Then Creature Undergoes Surprising Transformation [VIDEO]

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On YouTube, the terrifying moment that some divers spent when they came across a stone became viral, which was actually a strange sea creature that had a radical transformation.

Amazing. Through YouTube some divers shared a video that has stunned thousands of users, as it shows the terrifying moment they lived while swimming deep in the sea. They discovered a strange stone , which suffered a radical mutation when they approached to see it. The scene became a trend in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

A quiet evening expedition for three men deep sea became an incredible story because it managed to record a viral video of YouTube the instant terrifying when a mysterious stone mutated appearance and colour to trick the three intruders, without Imagine what would happen.

Radical transformation

The viral video of YouTube showed the moment when the three men noticed the presence of a huge stone floating on the reef, decided to approach to feel their texture, but were surprised with their brutal mutation that served as an escape mechanism.

Immediately, the divers concluded that the rare stone was actually an octopus with a camouflage so perfect that it was difficult to distinguish it from a seaweed covered stone. 

The incident was recorded in Thailand and has left more YouTube users impacted with the incredible technique that an octopus used to blend in with the medium and go unnoticed by its predators. According to experts, these curious creatures mutate based on their emotions, when they are angry they turn red, and if they are afraid they become white.

Watch the viral YouTube video below:


Source: La Republica

  1. cuttlefish, not octopus

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