Hundreds Of Sharks Invade A Bay Near Some Surfers In New Zealand (VIDEO)

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The author of the images came to swim just one meter from the sharks.

A young diver filmed this Saturday with his drone a large group of sharks in the clear and shallow waters near the New Zealand island of Great Barrier, reports the local portal NZ Herald. The island is located in the Hauraki Gulf, 90 kilometers off the coast of Auckland.

Among the sharks were specimens of several species, such as fox sharks (‘Alophias spp.’) And hammerhead sharks (‘Sphyrna zygaena’).

Zach Judkins, the author of the video, was diving with his sister and they both got to be one meter from the sharks; The young man described the experience as “good fun.”

When the wind died down, Judkins filmed the scene with a drone so he could have a better idea of ​​how many sharks had invaded the bay.

“We finally discovered why fishing had been so bad,” said the young man.


Source: Actualidad RT