He Pushes The Limit To Go ‘Face To Face’ With A Cougar [VIDEO]

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Really amazing. Thousands on YouTube were shocked to see the scene in which the daring man meets the fierce animal.

The great impact had on thousands of YouTube viewers is what has caused a video published in DMAX Spain that features a daring animal enthusiast who faced a fierce cougar in the Aztec country, Mexico. The man was caught at the moment he ended up ‘face to face’ with the predator. In this note you know all the details of the filming that has become a trend in social networks.

This is Wild Frank, a Spanish man who spreads various videos of wild animals on YouTube. This time, the protagonist challenged his death when leaving a river, in Mexico, to face a cougar.

As seen in the first minutes of the viral video on YouTube, the adventurer entered a river in Mexico when suddenly there appeared a puma. After a few minutes, Frank approaches the animal very cautiously to watch the cat closely.

The followers of the man who appears in the viral YouTube video were terrified to see when Frank is a few meters away from the fierce animal.

“Frank you are CRAZY”, “The man risks his life and should not play this way, ” Humans do not measure consequences until it happens, “were some of the reactions were Internet users, after seeing the viral video on YouTube.

In this note we share the original video that was shared in the DMAX Spain YouTube account. Currently, the publication has more than 900,000 views.

Watch the viral YouTube video below:


Source: La Republica