When You Try Taking A Cute Selfie From A Weird Angle [PHOTOS]

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Twitter users cannot stop laughing when they see the unique photo of this seal. Discover why in this note.

Viral on Twitter. A user shared in a tweet the moment he captured the angle of a seal coming out of the water and looking up. The result was so funny that it went viral within a few hours of being published and thousands of people commented with their own memes and editions of the funny image. 

The seal ‘criticona’ is a hit among social networks after the British user David East shared the exact moment he captured a seal looking up, a perspective that is not usually appreciated in this animal.

However, the viralization that followed the publication was for the least expected reasons. According to Internet users, this angle made the seal look like a ‘critical person’ who judges whoever crosses his path. His whiskers give the illusion of hair with a middle part, and the wrinkles on his forehead make a mouth pucker in disappointment. They also compared her to someone ‘worried’ or ‘fearful’

However, several pointed out that the photo had been digitally edited and that the real one lacked the characteristic ‘mouth’ pursed that was much of the iconic aspect that catapulted the tweet into trends.

That did not stop the ‘tweeters’ and their memes, who, in addition, offered their own editions and joked nonstop of the unfortunate mammal.

Currently, the tweet has about 440 thousand ‘likes’ and 95 thousand ‘retweets’ since David published it on January 11 on his Twitter account and has already been bounced on various social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

When You Try Taking A Cute Selfie From A Weird Angle


Source: La Republica