The Sheer Evil Of Humans When It Comes To Animal Cruelty And The Good Who Save Them (PHOTOS)

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Seriously, when you think you have seen the worst about animal abuse in the world, new stories come to blow us away and remind us that some people are real monsters that roam among us.

And is that after witnessing cases of dogs that were set on fire, another in which a violation of an animal was presented, and even how a donkey is forced to drink beer by the nose, one would think that our astonishment ability can no longer suffer impressions. However, this week the case of a rescued dog was announced just before she drowned in the style of torture.

It happened last Monday, on the Trent River, which runs through several entities in England. The incident occurred at the limits of the city of Nottingham, as the police department of that entity disclosed the facts and has two possible suspects under investigation.

According to the English BBC, Jane Harper was walking her dog in the company of a friend when she observed the Belgian Shepherd breed dog drowning in the aforementioned River Trent. The woman was immediately in aid of the animal, but when trying to get her out of the water, she noticed that something unusual prevented her from doing so.

And it is that Jane did not notice at first, but the dog had been tied to a huge rock in order to ensure that she drowned in the river . The woman and her friend then took the dog with everything and the rock that hung from her to free her from certain death.

Thanks to a microchip that carried the animal, the authorities were able to know that his name is Bella , and so they also found their owners: a 31-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man, who are already under investigation for the probable attempt of killing the dog.

The beautiful part of this whole story is that Bella is already in good hands and recovers after what happened. The gofundme organization, at the request of multiple people on the internet, opened a page for those wishing to donate funds for recovery and the Radcliffe Animal Center is already taking care of it.

The Sheer Evil Of Humans When It Comes To Animal Cruelty And The Good Who Save Them

“Thanks to the many people who have expressed their kindness and good wishes for Bella’s recovery. Radcliffe Animal Center will now take care of Bella’s veterinary care and support her in the next stages of her recovery. Many thanks to the amazing lady who rescued her, the Nottingham police and the veterinarians who gave her emergency treatment. Bella’s case is now under investigation with the National RSPCA and we will bring news of her when we can do it legally. ” , You can read on the page that gofundme opened to raise funds in Bella’s case.

The Sheer Evil Of Humans When It Comes To Animal Cruelty And The Good Who Save Them


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