This Is What Happened When She Thought She Was Being Cute Jumping Into A Frozen Lake (VIDEO)

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This young woman wanted to make a viral YouTube video with a tremendous jump into the water in the cold of Russia … And she has become famous for her recklessness.

Balashikha, in Russia. November, approximately -4 degrees Celsius. A young woman wanted to make a viral video by jumping into a ice covered lake when it’s freezing cold in her surroundings. You can already imagine the rest. The viral YouTube video has travelled through thousands of mobile phones through WhatsApp, precisely because of her great jump into the water (or ice, rather). 

In the video we can see how the young Russian wearing nothing but a g-string bikini (taking off her cap at the last moment) and throws herself half-determined into a lake in a typical bomb jump. However, what we all expected to happen … the lake was frozen…solid.

After the shocking sound of the ice cracking and a scream after at such a blow, the poor woman remained motionless for a few seconds sitting on the ice while the cameraman was laughing out loud instead of coming to her aid. Nor do we blame him, many would laugh with such a scene. And after the show, the Russian retraced her steps limping as her companion headed towards her. Shortly after we discovered that her ankle was fractured.

At what temperature does the water freeze?

It seems that the girl skipped classes at school about the water freezing at 0 ° C. It is true that studies by scientists from the University of Utah published in the journal Nature indicate that for the water to freeze completely, sometimes it has to reach -13ºC or even less.

It is not only necessary for the water to cool, but to change its molecular structure completely and acquire tetrahedral shapes to form what we know as ice. Of course, better think twice before jumping into the water at 0 ° C.

Watch the viral YouTube video below…


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