He Finds Refuge In A Backyard Swimming Pool To Escape The Fires In Australia (VIDEO)

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A kangaroo was desperate because his habitat was destroyed by fire, finds relief in a pool.

In his quest to escape the daunting forest fires that are recorded in Australia, a kangaroo took refuge in the pool of a house. The NGO Our Haven Wildfire shared the video in which a kangaroo went into the pool of a family, away from their habitat that was razed by the flames. The images immediately went viral on major social networks like Facebook.

In the images you can see the bewildered kangaroo, who is even caressed by the owners of the house.

Through their social networks Our Haven Wildfire explained that they received a call from a family, which alerted them to the presence of the friendly kangaroo.

“Thank you all for helping with the rescue and we show a safe place to take the babysitter. You guys are awesome”, it was the message of the organization in their Facebook account.

Unfortunately the fires in Australia do not have when to end. According to the latest reports from the authorities about 480 million animals died due to this situation.

Given this situation, various organizations have sent financial contributions in order to help stop this situation.

Hundreds of volunteers have also enlisted to help kangaroos and koalas, who have suffered fire injuries.

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International Fund for Animal Welfare



Source: Trome