Dog Shows His Compassion As He Shares His Water With Koala Affected By Fires In Australia [VIDEO]

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The video of the koala affected by forest fires in Australia and nobility of the dog who shared his water with him went viral on  social networks. 

Wildfires in Australia have claimed not only human victims but also defenseless animals, the World Wildlife Fund revealed that about 1.25 billion animals have died from forest fires.

“This heartbreaking loss includes thousands of precious koalas on the north-central coast of New South Wales, along with other iconic species such as kangaroos, wallaby, potoroos, cockatoos and honeydew,” they said.

The severe climatic conditions that plague the Australian country have caused the animals to escape their natural habitat and desperately seek food and water.

A koala managed to escape the forest fires and sought help in the home of a family residing with their pet in New Wales in southern Australia. 

This emotional fact was recorded by the neighbour of the owner of the dog, Andrew Frost, who observed how the dog shared its water with a koala that looked dehydrated and weak by the heat wave.

“My neighbours had a visit from a koala who came to drink water because of the heat wave. Riley Stone and Olivia Stone have a dog, Rusty, who met the Koala drinking water and now they are friends,” Frost wrote on Facebook.

It should be noted that in the tender images you can see how the animals show gestures of affection and Internet users made the video on social networks viral with 150 thousand reactions so far.


Source: El Popular