It Still Exists Today Piracy Is Not A Thing Of The Past

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The maritime piracy has not disappeared from the oceans of the world. It continues to scourge, in our own hemisphere, the Caribbean Sea and the coasts of Central America, where centuries ago European pirates made fortunes. However, the epicenter of the activity is today around Somalia, in the African continent.

The issue is part of the international peace and security agenda of the United Nations Security Council, an organization that has just renewed, on the American initiative, an express resolution on the matter. The decision is correct since, as of October 2018, near the capital of that country, there have been repeated attacks on fishing vessels, with kidnapping of their respective crews, which have been confronted with some degree of success by the coalition of warships provided by the European Union.

The Security Council resolution, at the request of Somalia itself, allows foreign warships to operate on the coasts of that country, facing pirate forces, both at sea and on land.

The international norm calls for all other states to criminalize maritime piracy and to imprison those of their executors who are captured. Despite the fact that the issue has been under discussion for some years, the proposal of the Russian Federation to organize, in Somali territory, specialized piracy courts, with substantive international participation, continues, unfortunately, without having been implemented.

Confirming the above, there have been many kidnappings of ships by pirates on the seafront of Nigeria. In some cases, they capture their crew in exchange for juicy bailouts. In others, the Nigerian Navy rescue teams achieve liberation, although at the cost of clashes with blood and fire. 

It Still Exists Today Piracy Is Not A Thing Of The Past

On the sea coast of Nigeria, piracy still exists


Source: La Nacion

  1. Hi, Just a few comments to your article about piracy:-
    1. “the epicenter of the activity is today around Somalia” is entirely false. The GoG states in West Africa are by far the worst effected areas for Piracy – Armed robbery and K&R.
    2. The situation in Nigeria will will never change as long as foreign PCASP’s are banned from being onboard vessels in Nigerian Waters.
    3. The answer to eliminating piracy lies on land.

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