Son Pranks His Father And Dad Takes The Ultimate Revenge [VIDEO]

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A boy tried to ‘troll’ his dad for a funny TikTok video, without imagining that he would end up reacting in a surprising way.

Through TikTok a video has been shared that has gone viral and has unleashed the laughter of thousands of Internet users, as it shows the exact moment in which a young man plays a heavy joke on his father, without imagining the unusual reaction he would have. The fun fact soon became a trend in various social networks.

A user named ‘topperguild’ wanted to ‘troll’ his father to make a funny video and then upload it TikTok, so he had no better idea than to cheat him in a terrible way. The boy challenged his father to blow a pool noodle filled with water, but nothing would turn out as he had planned.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral you can see how the boy tells the man that he has to blow from one side of the hose with all his strength, while he will do the same from the other end. Given this, the Lord points with a nod that is ready.

Immediately the father brings his mouth to the object and blows, however, the young man does not do the same and simply manages to place the other end on the man’s face, which ended up soaked by all the water that fell on him.

Despite this, the subject did not sit idly by and decided to take revenge on his son by pushing him towards a pool that was very close to them. This clip went viral after being published on TikTok, generating all kinds of reactions among thousands of users.

Some of the outstanding comments from the TikTok video were: “What a good lesson the young man took for having made that joke on his father,” “I died laughing. First for the cruel joke and then for his father’s revenge, ”among others.

@topperguildpool noodle PRANK on my dad (GONE WRONG) 😂😳 #prank♬ original sound – topperguild


Source: La Republica