Father And Son See Him Distressed On A Beach They Sneak Up To Help Him (VIDEO)

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A viral video shared on TikTok reveals how a man and his son saved a sea lion from death, who body was tangled up in fishing line.

On TikTok it was shared an viral video that reveals the noble deed that took a man and his son, after seeing a black spot in the middle of a beach in the United States. The family went to see what was happening and they realized that a sea ​​lion needed help urgently. The clip became a trend in social networks reaching thousands of users in Mexico and Canada and the United States.

The TikTok social network has become one of the favourites of the young, who entertain themselves with their short and fun videos.

Precisely, a clip uploaded to the platform reveals the noble gesture that a family had when they saw a sea lion sleeping on a beach. The man and his son decided to capture him by seeing that he urgently needed help.

As you can see in the TikTok images, both quickly approach the sea ​​creature and catch it with a huge net.

The oppressed sea lion tries to leave, but does not know that the boy who is on top of him tries to get the nets that are entangled in his body.

Thousands of TikTok viewers were shocked to see how the sea lion is released from the net and started chasing the little one. Happily, the sea lion just wanted to scare him and ran safely back to the sea.

@namib_naudeAnother rescue of a sleeping seal pup with namid_dylan This guy was entangled in green fishing line#sealrescue #animalrescue #namibia #savingseals♬ original sound – namib_naude


Source: La Republica