She Swims Next To A Mother And Calf And Their Reaction By Her Presence Is Unreal [VIDEO]

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A viral video was published through YouTube that reveals the unexpected behaviour of a humpback whale when it notices the presence of a woman in the depths of the ocean.

Incredible event In YouTube one was shared viral video that left surprised more than one user, after they recorded the exact moment a woman ran into a huge humpback whale in the depths of the ocean and did not imagine the reaction that would have the marine animal.

A couple of husbands love to do several activities together in their spare time after completing long days in their jobs. Therefore, they went to the waters located in the South Pacific and great was his surprise to meet the cetacean that gave them a unique welcome, which caused a sensation on YouTube.

David Edgar, 30, accompanied his wife Alice on his journey when he plunged into the ocean . In the meantime, he took out his camera to record every moment that he would upload to YouTube and other social networks.

Suddenly, they realized that a gigantic whale next to their young was approaching them and for a moment they thought they would be attacked; However, cetaceans seemed to have no problems with the presence of the couple.

“My wife Alice has an incredible connection with the whales that allows her to share incredible moments underwater with these gentle giants,” said David after the viral video was broadcast on YouTube.

A channel called Caters Clips was responsible for disseminating the images on the YouTube platform, where they achieved more than 500 thousand views and became a trend in a matter of hours. Several users highlighted the attitude of the gigantic animal and women, also took the opportunity to fight against marine pollution.


Source: La Republica