He Sees A Huge Black Shadow Under The Water Then Sees Two Horns Emerge [VIDEO]

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Thousands of YouTube users were shocked to see a bull poke its huge horns out of the water, a scene that intimidated the recorder of the viral video.

A video was shared on YouTube, in which a swimmer ran into a huge black shadow in the water, as he approached he discovered that it was a huge bull that was submerged, which caught the attention of more than one viewer in Mexico, United States and Canada.

The video, originally, has been broadcast by the Tik Tok App. Given the great popularity, users of YouTube and other social networks shared the video of a bull submerged in the water.

“This is one of the strangest videos that has gone viral on social networks,” wrote a YouTube user after watching the unusual viral video. “I can’t understand how the animal reached the water,” said another.

As you can see in the images, a swimmer who enjoyed a sunny afternoon was surprised by the huge animal that was underwater.

Currently, the YouTube post has more than 800,000 views hundreds of comments from various users from all over the world.

If you want to see the unexpected discovery made by man, see the viral TikTok video below…

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Source: La Republica