Seals Try To Rescue A Companion Trapped At An Aquarium Before The Eyes Of Children (Warning Video Contains Sensitive Images)

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The incident, which occurred in a Chinese aquarium, killed the animal.

Visitors to the Sun Asia Ocean World aquarium, in the Chinese city of Dalian, witnessed attempts by several seals to save a mate who had been trapped in a drainage pipe.

The video of the incident, which took place last Sunday, was published  by a user of the Douyin platform. The recording shows how three seals swim around their unfortunate congener, whose head was stuck in the hole. They try in vain to free her with the snout, and one of them even tries to pull her out by pulling her fin with her mouth. Finally, an aquarium employee manages to release the trapped seal, although the animal no longer shows vital signs.

A witness from the scene wrote on the Weibo social network that the probable cause of what happened was that the drainage system sucked with too much power. In fact, the aquarium employee who released the seal was able to do so only after the system was deactivated.

“Blood stained the pool”, said  a viewer who was at the aquarium with a child.

In a statement  issued the next day, Sun Asia Ocean World claimed that the drain hole lid opened “accidentally”, and confirmed the seal’s death.

“Although they tried their best to rescue her, they couldn’t save her little life, ” said the aquarium officials, who promised to “investigate and analyze” the case.

Warning Video Contains Sensitive Images


Source: Actualidad RT