Fishermen Are Being Stalked By Huge Shark Hiding Under Their Boat [VIDEO]

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The YouTube viral video recorded the moment when a 13-foot shark appeared near a fishing boat in the United States.

You will be shocked to see it. Thousands of YouTube users were amazed to see the viral video, where a huge white shark appears stalking a group of fishermen in Florida, United States. These images recorded by one of the crew have caused great sensation in the net of Mexico, Spain and Canada.

The first minutes of the viral video on YouTube shows the appearance of the school trying to attack the fishermen. What happened? In this note he knows all the details of the unusual encounter that the fishing men had with the predator.

According to some details of the CNN publication, the huge 13-foot white shark staggered the boat that carried the fishermen. The men immediately took out their fishing instruments to catch the shark.

This fearsome encounter in the ocean, in the United States, has impacted more than one YouTube user. “Happily, the men came out unharmed,” wrote a viewer. “I was shocked to see the animal near the boat,” said another.

Through this note we share the viral video that was shared on YouTube. Currently, the publication has more than 26,000 reactions and hundreds of comments on the aforementioned social network.

If you want to see the terrifying encounter that a group of fishermen had with a hungry shark, watch the video below…


Source: La Republica