They Find It Suffocating And About To Die By Plastic Thrown Into The Ocean [VIDEO]

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Thousands of  YouTube users admired the quick reaction of the man to run into the reptile that was about to lose his life.

Touching rescue. A viral YouTube video has saddened thousands of users who are animal lovers, due to the dramatic moment that a sea turtle lived. A tour guide realized that the reptile was about to lose its life after being rolled up in a plastic sack in El Salvador.

As can be seen in the video shared on YouTube by CNN, the tourist who was sailing on the beach Los Cóbanos, in El Salvador, managed to free a sea ​​turtle that was the victim of environmental pollution.

A tourist guide on Los Cobanos beach, in El Salvador, managed to free a sea turtle that was in danger of being suffocated by a plastic sack. This fact, once again, outraged YouTube users, who did not hesitate to show their discomfort through the comments.

“It is a pity that humans themselves end the life of defenseless animals ,” “This video outrages me too much,” “I want to make a request to alert people about the negative impact of garbage,” were some of the reactions that YouTube viewers had.

We share the poignant viral video on YouTube turtle that was rescued by a group of biologists tourists who travelled the high seas in search of new marine species.

If you want to see the sea turtle rescue, we invite you to watch the video below…


Source: La Republica