They Catch A Fish With Something In Its Stomach Cut It Open And It Comes Out Alive [VIDEO]

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Very unusual. On TikTok a video has just been viralized showing the moment in which they find a mysterious living creature inside a strange fish.

Not to believe Thousands of people in TikTok have been shocked, after watching an impressive viral video that shows the exact moment when a young man catches a strange fish and begins to cut it in half, without imagining that he would find a mysterious creature alive inside. Thanks to social networks, images became a trend in several countries, such as Mexico, Canada, the United States, among others. 

Every day on TikTok, and other Internet platforms, thousands of videos showing people in all kinds of situations are published. In this case, the men had the surprise of their lives, because they noticed that there was something strange inside a fish, so he took a knife and decided to examine for himself.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral you can see how the man begins to touch one of the sides of the fish and notices an unusual lump, so he begins to cut it little by little with a sharp knife. After making a huge incision in the bottom of the fish, it is distinguished that something large comes out of its interior.

After making a little effort, the man finally manages to discover that it was a live fish, which was still taking jumping around. Seeing this, those present only managed to let out a loud laugh, because they thought it was something much worse.

This recording went viral on TikTok and has obtained thousands of reproductions in a matter of hours, generating all kinds of reactions among a large number of Internet users.

Some of the outstanding comments from the video published on TikTok were: “How the hell a fish of that size entered the body of another like this”, “Wow, for a moment I thought it was going to be some kind of rock or garbage, but it was another fish and lives on ”, “ Somebody please explain to us how that fish got in there? ”, among others.

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