They Are Horrified To See What Was On Their Plate Was Still Alive [VIDEO]

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A viral video posted on YouTube shows the moment that the clams began to move when trying to leave the plate and left the restaurant diners terrified.

An unexpected fact. A viral video was shared through YouTube that terrified thousands of users, because a young man recorded the precise moment that about three clams moved abruptly when trying to escape from the plate of food.

A group of people went to a popular seafood restaurant located in Mauzuru, in Japan. Within minutes, they began screaming in fear after appreciating the dish prepared by the kitchen managers, which caused a furor on YouTube and other social networks.

As can be seen in the images of YouTube, the three seafood were placed by the employees and suddenly opened, while a siphon came out consisting of a part of the animal that allowed them to take several turns.

The diners took out their cell phones to record the terrible event that they later uploaded to YouTube and other social networks. As was the case with Hidefumi Nagai, who stopped at the restaurant near a local train station.

The true reason why mollusks moved violently from the tray is unknown. Meanwhile, the attendees mentioned that they had survived before they were cooked and kept away from the table.

Clarín’s well-known page was in charge of spreading the images on YouTube, where they achieved more than 200 thousand reproductions and quickly became a trend. Although it was recorded in the month of May, several users were stunned by the unusual scene of marine animals when they appeared to be alive and showed their disgust at trying the food.


Source: La Republica