She Has A Tragic Reaction When Her Baby Is Taken Away From Her [VIDEO]

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A curious YouTube video generated heartfelt tenderness in thousands of viewers by revealing what a mother crab did when when her baby was taken away from her.

A recent YouTube video has gone viral in a few minutes as it revealed the tragic reaction that a mother crab had when her little one was removed from her ‘arms’. A young man dared to separate them and was moved to see what this crustacean did when she felt that she was being taken away from her offspring. The viral video soon became a trend in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The audiovisual material, which has touched the hearts of thousands, was recorded by a swimmer who was at a beach and ran into both crustaceans. So curious was the scene that he tried to separate them, without imagining what was about to happen. 

We leave you with the video posted on YouTube that is causing a sensation in social networks, as it shows the reaction of this baby crab when someone tries to separate it from his mother. 


Source: La Republica

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