Zebras Cross River Full of Ferocious Crocodiles and the Unthinkable Happens [VIDEO]

YouTube viral video reveals dramatic outcome of zebras group after crossing crocodile-infested river.

Shocking outcome. A new YouTube video has gone viral on the nets for the last few hours, showing the unexpected outcome of a herd of zebras after crossing a river invaded by crocodiles. The clip shows the moment when the daring animals enter the water under the fearsome gaze of dozens of reptiles.

The Serengeti is a vast area that preserves many of the planet’s wildest animals, such as the dangerous crocodiles, which lie in rivers and lakes waiting for the herds of herbivores that cross it every year looking for better pastures to eat.

The viral video shared on YouTube shows how the bold zebras are afraid to enter the water to cross the dangerous river, but they have no choice and they do it as fast as they can.

The journey that these animals make takes us to know a small part of the story of a zebra mother, who loses sight of her baby because of the strong current of the river.

As the little colt moves away from its mother, the herd continues to cross at any rate avoiding the hungry predators, who are also afraid of receiving a lethal kick.

Finally, most of them manage to cross, however, a crocodile bites the tail of the mother zebra, which in addition to not being able to see her baby, is about to be devoured.