Zebra Evades Huge Crocodiles Crossing a River, But Falls into Lethal Ambush of Ferocious Creatures

You’re out of luck. A YouTube viral video shows the precise moment when a zebra manages to get out of a river alive, but meters away something much worse awaited it.

A viral video shared on YouTube shows the terrifying moment a zebra experienced after crossing a river infested with hungry crocodiles. The animal thought it had escaped the worst, but it was just the opposite, its cruel fate was just beginning. The clip became a trend in Mexico, the United States and Spain.

Good luck doesn’t last forever and you can abandon us at any time, just like a zebra that risked crossing a crocodile-infested river at the Masái Mara nature reserve in Kenya.

The zebras are moved in large herds that gather thousands of specimens. They do this to feel safe and to protect themselves from predators thanks to their white stripes, which confuse them when they come together, however, when they are alone, it poses a serious danger to them.

As can be seen in the YouTube viral video, several zebras cross a river infested with dangerous reptiles, however, one of them gets away from the rest by evading one of these creatures and manages to get out of the water with flying colors.

When she was on the shore, she didn’t realize she was being stalked by a lioness who took advantage of the moment of confusion to hide behind a mound of dirt. The zebra could see it after a few seconds and could also run away.

Thousands of YouTube users believed that luck was on the side of the foal that escaped the trap, but all their ideas fell when out of nowhere, another hidden lioness appeared further back that caught her. Along with the first predator, they both tear it down and devour it.