Zac Efron Warms Up To His New Doppelganger

The Beach Bum star, 31, had a personal and intimate encounter with her wax figure, Madame Tussauds Hollywood, during an appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs Tuesday. He showed his abs after Ellen wanted to judge the accuracy of the statue.

Ellen opened the segment by comparing Zac’s previous wax figure, who had attempted to match her hairy Disney-era haircut, but combined it with an unflattering outfit and a face that barely looked like to hers. ‘Oh shit!’ he shouted when Ellen surprised him with the replacement, dressed to look like Zac since the Baywatch 2017 restart.

He praised the new version, but also warned viewers not to think that his muscular appearance was necessarily ideal.
They did a good job. It’s a little bigger than me, it’s too big, “he said.

“And for kids, it’s not realistic. I became very big and fond of this movie, but I do not want people to think that’s the best way to be. I know your size. I do not want to glorify that.

“But that’s so easy,” Ellen teased, lifting her shirt to show her still impressive abs.

Previously in the talk show of the day, the actor of Greatest Showman had been greeted by a screaming fan, who had accompanied backstage while barely containing his joy. The crowd, excited by the women, showed that the ex-breaker had lost none of its appeal. Ellen opened by putting the compliments.

‘You are so sweet. You are the best boy, you are a good man.
“Back to you,” he replied before correcting himself. – Back, woman.

The two met about their recent hair problems. Both had lost their dyed blond hair after the over-enthusiastic discoloration sessions. Ellen showed some of Zac’s shirtless photos of a desert trip she made during her visit to Dubai, which made the public nervous.

He then made another trip, this time to Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where he featured Ted Bundy’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile. “I was looking forward to the next day [after the first] when I could ski,” he said. “I woke up, got a good check, and then my brother and I went skiing,” referring to being dragged by a tractor on a totally private private mountain. “Nobody slips on the snow, and there was about eight to ten feet of fresh dust.” The unbroken snow allowed him to descend the slope, but also hindered the deceleration, which he discovered after a sudden fall.

“I was standing on [my leg] and trying to put my other ski and [the injured leg] just dropped out,” he said, recounting how he tore his ACL. However, he was not aware of the damage at that time and therefore refused to wait for a sled to pull him. “They offered me this, but it was going to take a long time and I did not know that I had broken my ACL,” he said. “I just thought it hurt, so I went down the mountain with one leg.”

After the break, Ellen forced Zac to put his aching leg on the coffee table, despite his protests that he was rude.
She shared a humorous picture of her 91-year-old grandfather and the sad news that her grandmother had died a few days earlier. But the dirty grandfather’s star had a brave face and focused on positive memories. He recounted that his grandparents were his biggest fans and decorated his house with portraits cut from his appearances in teen magazines.

Zac Efron Warms Up To His New Doppelganger

Zac found his place in a cap for his new movie Netflix, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile, in which he plays the serial killer Ted Bundy.

“It does not interest me to portray a serial killer, or anyone of that nature, or to seduce them in any way,” he said before explaining how much he was happy with the moderate tone and introspection of the film.
“Ted Bundy was a white person, so talk about white privilege,” he added. “With what escaped at the time, no one could do it today.”

Zac Efron Warms Up To His New Doppelganger

Ellen finished the segment by rewarding Zac with a basket containing his own branded underwear, after complaining before giving only one pair per appearance.


Source: DailyMail