Yucatan Fishermen,México, Worried About the Insecurity in the Sea.

Merida, Yucatan, February 17, 2019. – The president of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives of the Center West of the State, José Luis Carrillo Galáz reported that there is fear and concern on the part of the men of the sea for the insecurity that there is of men armed and hooded who for years have committed robberies to fishermen who steal boats, engines and captured product.

He said that 12,000 fishermen are inactive due to the ban on grouper and octopus, there are other ribereños who are engaged in the capture of other species and are those who are afraid of meeting with armed and hooded people, so he asks for more vigilance in the Yucatan coast, both the Navy of Mexico and the state and federal authorities.

He pointed out that it is a problem that has been occurring for several years in several ports where engines are stolen in the early hours of the morning, boats such as “Modern Pirates” assault fishermen on the high seas and confiscate their product, putting at risk their lives

On the other hand, he announced that a week and a half after the end of the lobster harvest season, the good weather has allowed more than 2 thousand fishermen from the East of the State to capture good volumes of crustaceans that allows them to reach a goal of 700 tons.

He recalled that February 28 is the last day of lobster capture, and from March 1 to June 30, the species enters into a ban until the opening of the fishery on July 1 of this year, however, he clarified that there will be enough octopus and grouper to supply the demand during Lent and Holy Week, which is in March and April.