Quick Maneuvers Of A Young Diver Prevents A Huge Whale From Swallowing Him Alive [VIDEO]

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A viral video posted on YouTube shows the maneuver a young man made when escaping from a gigantic whale who tried to ‘devour him’ when filming creatures at the bottom of the sea.

The fright of his life. A viral video was shared through YouTube that left thousands of users impacted, after a young diver was threatened by a huge whale who wanted to ‘ eat him ‘ and chased him for several minutes in the depths of the sea.

The boy decided to live new adventures accompanied by his best friends and traveled to the coasts of South Africa , to record the marine animals that are in the place; however, they did not imagine what would happen.

One day, the boys decided to take a ride aboard a special boat together with specialists, in order to dive to the bottom of the sea and find mysterious creatures . One of them took a risk and launched to start the work.

At first, everything was quiet and the protagonist of the YouTube viral swam normally, while holding a small camera. Suddenly, he was surprised by the presence of a giant whale .

As you can see in the YouTube images , the diver recorded some fish giving a show and was interrupted by the cetacean that began to surround his new victim because he wanted to ‘ devour it ‘.

Faced with the dangerous situation, the subject had an agile action to safeguard his life and get away from the whale that had been chasing him. “At least I was fast enough and had a unique experience in life,” he said.

The channel called Clarín was responsible for disseminating the images on YouTube , achieving more than 50 thousand views and several comments from users, who were terrified by the experience the young man lived .

Source: La Republica