Manatee Is Captured While Performing an Unpublished Action that Captivated in Social Networks [VIDEO]

YouTube became viral a video registered in the United States and has as its main figure a singular manatee.

The YouTube video surprised by its disturbing images. On such a virtual platform it is very common to discover content that quickly catches your attention from start to finish. One proof of this is the viral one starring a singular manatee.

As is common when unpublished content appeared on YouTube, the images managed to migrate to other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where users expressed their surprise at the behavior of the marine animal.

As can be seen in the YouTube viral video, a manatee appears drinking water in a very peculiar way, since this time part of its body rotates to receive the liquid element directly to its jaws.

“I never thought I would see a manatee drinking water. It’s something I’ll never forget,” one user wrote as a comment. The viral video was posted by the YouTube account called ViralHog.

In the description of the YouTube viral video it is indicated that the curious scene took place in a town of Longboat Key, located in Florida, United States. Following is the publication of the images: