He Tries To Bite The Thick Shell Of A Turtle And Ends Up Making A Fool Of Himself (VIDEO)

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YouTube virals – An ending that nobody expected . Great surprise was taken by YouTube users when watching this controversial video starring a crocodile and a turtle that has gone viral in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

A tourist who was on an African safari witnessed this impressive scene but with a very natural instinct, and decided to share the shocking moment when a huge reptile wanted to turn a turtle into prey, but after several fighting attempts, It is the unexpected ending that captivates Internet users who share this story.

In YouTube captures, you can see how a hungry crocodile holds a cunning turtle in his hand and tries to chew it to devour it in its entirety, but what the predator did not expect is that his attempt would make him look ridiculous.

As it turns out, despite the turtle’s struggle that was not necessary to free her from her captor, her cunning and shell served as a great help to avoid a tragic end.

After several minutes of fighting, the crocodile did not give up and then tried to mobilize the small reptile in its powerful pine, but its strategy was useless again, since the shell of the turtle protected it until the end.

Users on social networks were surprised with the skill and resistance of the turtle, and although the end of the video is uncertain, it is known that thanks to the armor of the small animal, the crocodile could not recognize its basic instincts. Viralhog first shared this moment and collected more than 300,000 visits and 250 shares.


Source: Mag el Comercio