YouTube viral: Man Catches Fish With Bare Hands, Without Imagining That A Hungry Shark Would Steal His Prey [VIDEO]

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A fisherman recorded in a viral YouTube video the terrifying moment when a huge shark emerged from the sea to claim its newly captured prey.

Deadly attack on YouTube. An afternoon of fruitful fishing for a man in the immense Florida sea in the United States became the worst day of his life, after being attacked by a huge hammerhead shark that emerged from the depths to tear its newly captured prey. The video went viral in Mexico , Spain and Argentina.

The viral recording of YouTube recorded the moment when a young man caught a shad of considerable size, without imagining that at the time of raising it to the surface with his own hands, he would be prevented with the abrupt presence of a gigantic predator that emerged from the sea to attack him mercilessly.

A fisherman was totally terrified when he saw that his prey was savagely snatched away by a powerful hammerhead shark that roamed the vast Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, the man took his hands off the fish before the wild creature ended up causing serious injuries to his body with his sharp jaw.

The man saw how the huge hammerhead shark pulled the shark he had caught from his hook and robbed him of his capture. The fishing guide named Rob Gorta told in a viral YouTube video, in his more than two decades of profession, he has seen many sharks attacking the tarpon , but a shark had never tried to take a fish directly from his hands.

According to wildlife experts in viral video on YouTube it was seen that the thief had shark about four meters long and weighed about 600 kilograms. The recording accumulated more than 500 thousand views, 200 shares and dozens of comments.

“Silly humans, thanks for lunch,” “Silly fisherman, couldn’t get the fish on time. It seems that I was trying to play with the shark intentionally, ”the citizens wrote on social media. 


Source: La Republica