YouTube: Anaconda Died Crossing Fierce Crocodile’s River [VIDEO]

The video soon became viral on YouTube as it shows the heartbreaking fight between a giant anaconda and an insatiable crocodile over the dominance of a territory.

YouTube users were shocked to witness an epic battle. A quiet boat ride by a tourist in a mighty river became a traumatic episode in his life, as he managed to record in a video, viralized hours later on YouTube, the fight to the death between a giant 5-meter anaconda and a hungry crocodile, who could not stand the invasion of his territory in the Amazon.

The YouTube viral recording showed the instant the giant crocodile approached an anaconda, which had entered its territory to cross a vast river, and began a mortal combat that had a desolate end.

Fight to the Death
After several seconds of tension, the crocodile swam very stealthily towards the huge anaconda, calculated its movements and threw itself on the ‘intruder’ with a forceful bite that put him out of battle. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

The ferocious crocodile took the anaconda by its body and shook it with all its enormous force until it was killed. The YouTube viral video recorded the scene in which the reptile lost its life in the jaw of its predator to become its food.

According to wildlife experts, crocodiles have the strongest bite, even stronger than a lion or tiger. For this reason, the brutal confrontation between a crocodile and an anaconda had the heartbreaking outcome that was viralized on YouTube.

Watch the YouTube viral video:


  1. The Anaconda was a youngster,Giant What

  2. I didn’t know that Croc were in South America

  3. There are no crocodiles in Amazon. Its a black caiman.

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