Young Sea Turtle Rescued From Fishing Net Then Does Something Shocking…

Footage shows a young sea turtle that has been released back to the ocean after it was recorded defecating plastic in shocking moments that could have killed it. The plastic waste that drifts in the ocean is starting to tremendously interfere with the living conditions of sea mammals such as green turtles, especially the young ones.

When a juvenile turtle like the one we see in the video defecates plastic like that, it could be detrimental to their health and well-being. Defecating that much plastic could easily end up killing a turtle of the same size or smaller.

Thankfully, the Mundo Mario Foundation found this little guy and rescued it from the fishing net, brought it back to the vets and treated it carefully. After it was treated, they drove back to the ocean in order to free it and hope that it won’t undergo the same torture this time around.

Source: Liveleak & Catersnews