Young People Rescue Turtle That Was Trapped in a Plastic Bin [VIDEO]

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A video showing the rescue of a helpless turtle was applauded. A group of young people found a turtle floating as it approached the seashore, as they approached it they saw that it was wounded.

Immediately, the boys saw that the turtle needed help because he had a plastic trash can on his body, a fact that outraged thousands of animal lovers.

“How is it possible that until now humans do not become aware”, “This is more proof that more unconscious people inhabit our planet”, “For cases like this is that thousands of animals die daily”.

In the video it shows the moment in which the young people upon seeing that the creature was in danger, they cut the plastic that prevented him from swimming, this facilitated the movement of the animal, who ended up liberated.

The lovers for animals, helped to spread the video of the turtle so that people become aware of their actions and stop the environmental pollution.


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Source: La Republica