Young People Find A Shark Caught Between Two Stones They Help Calm Her And Her Pain [VIDEO]

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A video shared on Facebook shows the courageous action of some young people when they came across a shark that was pregnant and trapped between two stones.

Emotional scene On Facebook it was uploaded a video that reveals the precise moment when a group of swimmers , managed to find a shark that was caught between two rocks. The young rescued the unfortunate animal that was pregnant and released him into the sea. The clip became a trend in the countries of Mexico, Canada, United States, among many others.

The viral recording of Facebook was able to observe how three men entered the sea and risked their lives to free a pregnant shark from the pressure exerted by two huge stones on his body.

Very carefully, a man pulled the pregnant shark from the fin and carried it in his arms to move it into the vast Pacific Ocean. The moving rescue won the applause of the bathers, who were ‘speechless’ with the risky feat of men.

The viral Facebook video showed the pregnant shark being rescued with great difficulty to a safe place, since being exposed to the air caused its gills to accelerate by leaps and bounds; however, the quick action of her ‘hero without a cape’ saved her from an imminent death.

The man arrived at the shore of the beach, looked for the perfect place to return the marine creature to its natural habitat, which quickly slipped away in the maritime depth to continue with its gestation . According to experts, the pregnancy of a shark lasts from 12 to 42 months in the case of the eel shark.

The viral scene was shared on Facebook by the “UNILAD” page, which accumulated 398 thousand views, 340 shares and 256 comments. “Thank you for doing a kind act, saving this creature when I needed help,” “I love how delicate he put it in the water,” “I take my hat off for the noble act of man,” users wrote on social media. .

Here we leave you with the original video shared on Facebook:


Source: La Republica