Young Mi’kmaq Fishermen Killed After Boat Capsizes off Nova Scotia Coast, Leaving Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation Devastated

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The Transport Security Council of Canada (TSB) began an investigation after the death of two young fishermen Mi’kmaq when his boat sank near Bayfield, New Brunswick.

The federal organization has announced that it is deploying investigators to gather information about this incident. On Monday, police responded to a “frantic” call for 911, indicating that a ship had been dropped near Seagrass Lane and that there were people in the water.

Firefighters and volunteer services Emergency health services responded to the scenario. Upon their arrival, officers spoke to a woman who was one of three people aboard the ship, a 16-foot dodge. The woman suffered the effects of exposure to water and was quickly transported to the hospital by EHS. A witness quickly located a man’s feet on the beach and was shot on the beach.

At that time, police said the man was alive, but that he was no longer responding. The man was taken to the hospital. He tried to revive him, but that night he died in the hospital. A third person was discovered by an RCMP helicopter in the water near the ship. Boat tipped about 200 feet off shore.

The person was found, but the second man did not respond. He was pronounced dead in the hospital that night. The Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation stated on their Facebook page that the men they identify as Ozzy Clair and Niko Clair were fishing oysters and that the woman was recovering at the hospital.

The band’s First Nation events have been cancelled and a crisis team will be in Paqtnkek for a few days. RCMP officials said the three people carried personal flotation devices at the time of the incident.

Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation
“Our community mourns the loss of two young men today, Ozzy Clair and Niko Clair, when the oyster boat they were working on capsized. Lenora Prosper is recovering in hospital. Prayers to their family and friends, and thank you to hospital staff, emergency and helicopter crews for their efforts, and to clergy at the hospital for the kind and compassionate support. We will share further information to let you know how you can support their families during this difficult time.”

In a press release, ch. Jennifer Clarke of RCMP said the two men were 28 and 29 respectively. RCMP’s investigation of the incident is ongoing.