Young man throws bait at a strange hole to attract an exotic fish and the unexpected happens [VIDEO]

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Facebook users made a video where they used a bait to catch a being that appeared in a hole.

Shocking images Through Facebook, a clip that has paralyzed social networks was viralized by the shocking images recorded by the precise moment in which a young man places a bait near the mystery hole, where a ‘terrifying fish’ lived. The rare marine animal generated great shock in thousands of users, who discovered the worst when they saw their true identity. This publication on social networks has been viralized in countries like Mexico and the United States.

A video shared on Facebook has gone viral and has caused thousands of users to be shocked, because it shows the precise moment in which a young man places a bait near the mysterious hole where a dark fish lives, which surprised him by showing his identity. The clip has become a trend in a matter of hours on various social networks.

Through the Facebook account Delicious River, a page about fishing, it is possible to appreciate the exact moment in which the author of the viral video manages to get the ‘terrifying fish’ out of hiding.

Facebook users thought it was a strange fish with a terrifying appearance, since the animal had a huge mouth with sharp fangs, similar to a “river monster.”

The scenes that are viral on Facebook and YouTube show the appearance of the mysterious animal that was ‘hiding inside a strange hole’. Thousands of users from Mexico, United States, among other countries were shocked to see the end of the video.

However, none of this turned out as Internet users believed. As can be seen in the images of the viral Facebook video, the ‘scary fish’, which had a fearsome appearance, was part of a joke that the authors of the video created.

It is a dead fish that was placed inside a hole. The authors of River Delicious on Facebook, created this video to scare their followers. It should be noted that the publication has more than 20,000 reproductions.

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Source: El Sol