Young man thinks to see a rock with one eye and takes a huge surprise

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A diver went viral on YouTube after taking the scare of his life when he looked at a strange rock that had an eye, however, when he moved he discovered what it was.

On YouTube the unusual event happened to a diver who never imagined taking a big scare while swimming in the French Mediterranean . The subject looked at a huge rock with one eye and when approaching discovered a terrifying creature that put him with the hair on end.

diver was exploring the depths in an area known as Costa Azu l.While descending, he observed a reef where he began to investigate the wonderful things he could find, however, he never imagined seeing what would happen next.

In the video shared on YouTube , the man is seen going through some plants that grew on the reef, while moving from one side to the other in a symmetrical dance. After that he realized that a huge rock had an eye.

As he got closer, an animal moved quickly and descended to the depths, making the diver go through the scare of his life, who discovered that it was an octopus that had changed its color and had become similar to that of the rock on which it was placed. I found.

It should be noted that octopuses, like different species of animals , can change the color of their body to mimic the environment and go unnoticed by their predators . Although sometimes they do it depends on their emotions, some when they are angry they turn red, and when they are afraid they turn white.