Young Man Jumps From Balcony Of The 11th Floor of a Cruise Ship *VIDEO*

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A young man threw himself from the 11th floor of a cruise ship … before being banished for life by the company.  

“I do not regret anything,” Nick Naydev, from Vancouver, said. But the 27-year-old admits it: he did not think about it before launching into the void. Otherwise, “I would probably have stepped back and decided not to do it,” he told KGW, an affiliate of NBC.  

Perched with his friends on a balcony of the “Symphony of the Seas”, a boat belonging to the Royal Carribean company, we see him turn, smiling, to the camera that captured everything before jumping.  

“Dude!” Exclaims one of his acolytes, obviously not believing his eyes.  

It is then lost sight of a few moments before it sinks into the emerald waters of Nassau, Bahamas, about thirty meters below.  

“I got up one morning, I saw my friends on the balcony. I told them, “Hey, I’m going to throw myself down!” Everyone encouraged me to do it, so I said, “OK, I’m doing it!” And the next second, I was jumping, “he said.  

The video, posted on Instagram with “Full send” in caption (which can be translated as “In depth” in French), quickly became viral on the web.  

He later learned that the waters in which he embarked were infested with sharks. “It comes from the fact that when these boats are moored, they throw food debris and things like that,” Nick Naydev explained. Thus, the sharks stand near, hoping to feed.  

If the sequence became more popular on social networks, the cruise line, he really did not appreciate. “It’s a stupid and reckless behavior, and the young man and his companions have been banished from our company and will never be able to travel with us again,” a spokesman for Royal Carribean responded, adding that they contemplated judicial remedies.  

Naydev, on the other hand, does not encourage anyone to imitate him. He says that he felt intense pain after his fall and had a hard time walking for three days.  

In an interview with Fox News, the young man said the company asked the local authorities in Nassau to remove them and his friends from the boat immediately after the incident.  

The group then had to fend for home from the Bahamas. Consequences that the principal had not considered: “I thought it would make us have a good time with friends, and that I would only have to swim to the shore before continuing to enjoy my holidays .. I did not think the repercussions would be so serious, “he continued.


Source: TVAnouvelles