Young Man Is Caught Entering a Pond to Get a Fish to Eat When a Deadly and Terrifying Creature Decides to Interfere (VIDEO)

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How brave! The impressive capture of a dangerous reptile inside a home in Florida, United States , went viral on YouTube. The registry generated all kinds of reactions among social network users. Why?

As you can see in the filming, it all starts when the protagonist of the viral video receives the call from a friend of his, who warned him about the presence of a scary python snake in the koi pond located in the backyard of his home .

And it is that without them noticing, the animal had managed to ‘seize’ the water tank, so they did not hesitate to contact their friend, who is an expert dealing with these types of beings.

The video on YouTube shows us that, without fear, the young man arrives on the scene and enters the pond almost immediately. Its objective? Coming face to face with the reptile, even though this has meant jeopardizing its integrity.

The scene left the witnesses of the event speechless and thousands on YouTube, who could not believe the great courage of the boy who ended up becoming a trend on the Internet.

It all ends with a maneuver of the young man who turned to a fishing net to immobilize the python. In this way, he could take her by the head and move her to a safe place where he would not harm anyone.


Source: Mag el Comercio