Young Man Goes Into A Sewer In Thailand And Finds Huge Predator That’s Wrapped Around A Pipe [VIDEO]

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Through YouTube, a viral video showed the terrifying discovery of a young man, who got into a sewer and pulled a giant python inside.

Disturbing find. A young man recorded in a viral YouTube video the moment he discovered a huge predator screwed into the rusty pipes of a sewer in the Bang district, Pakong, Thailand. After the heavy rains that hit the city, a giant python abandoned its habitat and seized the pipes of the drain of a house; however, the animal did not suspect that it would be extracted by the hands of man. 

After hearing strange noises and seeing a terrifying figure in the depth of a sewer, the inhabitants of the Asian ‘town’ called a group of rescuers to come to their aid and discover the appearance of the strange being that inhabited the smelly pipes. The YouTube video went viral in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

Deadly find

The viral YouTube recording recorded the terrifying moment when a group of men with flashlights, ropes and sticks entered a smelly sewer, without imagining that inside there was a 13-foot-long adult python that had curled up of a pipe.

Very carefully, rescuers pulled their python tail and slid it through the damp place, without any contact with their jaw and body that is a powerful constrictor. Once on the ground, the men with the help of a rod grabbed her head and tried to drive her out, without imagining that the animal would try to hold on to the tubes.

After several minutes, the huge python was carried away by the force that the men exerted through the rod. In addition, the YouTube viral video showed the incredible rescue rescuers made to return the fierce python to their habitat and protect the lives of the inhabitants of Bang Pakong.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “Viral Press” page, which accumulated more than 1 thousand views, 500 shares and 200 comments. “Incredible! The predator could end the life of the inhabitants at any time ”,“ what a fear ”, the users wrote on social networks.

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Source: La Republica