Young Man Gets Arrested For Wrestling Crocodile In Shopping Mall (VIDEO)

Young man who wanted to make a RKO to his director was arrested for practicing the maneuver in a fake crocodile

Gianny Sosa-Hernandez, 18, was arrested again for performing the final move of Randy Orton, a popular WWE wrestler, in a life-size plastic crocodile in a shopping mall.

Do you remember  Gianny Sosa-Hernández , the student from Miami, Florida, who was arrested after trying to shoot down the principal of his school with an RKO ? If so, you will be surprised to learn that the young man went to court for imitating the act again , although now with a plastic crocodile .

As you can see in the video uploaded to Facebook and other social networks, the student from Miami Southridge Senior High School entered a certain environment of The Falls Mall in Miami-Dade County to carry out the final movement of Randy Orton , wrestler of the WWE .

The record, made on March 30, shows that Sosa took off his shirt, jumped over a protective barrier and threw the ornament on a pond before performing the maneuver.

The young man was even encouraged to make the respective account that ends most wrestling matches. This is demonstrated by the clip shared on Facebook that accumulates thousands of views.

The fact was denounced by the manager of the establishment, who affirmed that the adornment “is worth about $ 3690” .

It was learned that the 18-year-old was arrested again after the publication of the video and had to re-appear before Judge Renetha Francis on April 16, who received him with a  “you’re back” .

According to the Miami Herald , Francis also told the student who “have to find something else to do” then end up becoming “a media sensation for the wrong reasons” .

On April 11, Sosa was denounced by the director of his school, who denounced him for  assault on an official and interference with an educational institution .

“He only made the videos for fun,” said Camila Sosa, the young man’s sister in an attempt to defend him.

“He’s always trying to make people laugh.” He has never tried to harm anyone, “he added.


Source: Trome