Young Man Frightened Thinking That His Dog Had ‘Drowned’ [VIDEO]

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A mischievous dog made his owner believe that he had ‘ drowned ‘; However, when he discovered the truth, he did not stop laughing. 

A naughty dog has become the new star of a video, due to the tremendous shock that he caused his owner, who thought that his beloved pet had ” died ” by drowning; however, when he approached him, he ended up having the biggest surprise of his life.

A young man had decided to take a walk with his pets by a river near his home, to fish and spend a pleasant time; however, he was shocked when he saw that his dog was in the water.

The dog was stuck in the river and his owner got the impression that he had ‘drowned’ when he saw him, but within minutes he discovered the joke that his pet played.

The dog apparently wanted to imitate a crocodile and for that reason had immersed himself in the river. This scared the owner, who when he realized what was happening, could not stop laughing.

This motivated the owner of the dog to record the moment that the animal is in the water, without moving. Although other dogs were by his side, he continued to imitate the predator.

At the end of the Facebook images , the dog was interrupted by one of his companions who ran by his side. Several users were shocked with the scene and could not contain the laughter, of the supposed imitation of a crocodile .


Source: La Republica