Young Man Enters Koi Pond To Capture A Lethal Creature That Is Lurking  [VIDEO]

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On Facebook, a viral video shows the moment when a risk taking young man entered the pond, without anticipating that a lethal creature was aware of his movements to attack him without regard.

Two residents of the United States found a deadly creature inside a koi pond near their home. One of the protagonists of the video entered the water where the dangerous snake was hiding with intent on capturing it, without imagining what it would do in revenge. Thousands of Internet users in social networks in Mexico, the United States and Spain turned the clip into a trend.

As you can see in the filming made by one of the owners of the house, a young man noticing the presence of the voracious predator, approached and fearlessly took its tail in order to scare him away from the house; However, the animal reacted in the worst way.

It was a huge python that entered the pond in the United States. While it is true, this type of reptiles does not attack humans, but it can cause the death of people through suffocation. For this reason, thousands of users on Facebook were alarmed to see the risky action of the protagonist of the viral video.

“That guy could have been attacked by the snake,” “What fear. I would have run as soon as I noticed the presence of the snake”, were some of the comments written by Facebook users, who watched the viral video.

This is the viral video that has been shared on Facebook. The young people risked their lives by placing themselves a few meters away from the fierce predator that was in search of its prey.


Source: La Republica