Young Man Enters Deep Lake And Finds Terrified Creature That Was Chased By Wild Dogs [VIDEO]

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Shocking A viral YouTube video shows the precise moment in which a young man discovers a strange creature, suffering from cold inside a deep lake.

On YouTube a viral video showing the awesome act that made a fisherman in a lake shared. The young Thai saved a huge creature . that he could not reach the mainland, after he escaped from hungry wild dogs. The clip became a trend in the countries of Mexico, Spain and the United States.

A young fisherman witnessed a shocking scene while touring a cold lake in his boat in Thailand. Tharitipun Mantanawet, 32, saw a creature desperately trying to get out of the huge water pond.

The man, also could observe some wild dogs on the top of a mountain, reason why he deduced that the creature, had fled from the predators and fallen to the deep lake.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube , friendly subject tries to rescue the frightened baby Goral, catching small horns that were growing him.

After a few arduous minutes, Tharitipun manages to take the animal to a safe place, away from predators , so that it can be safe.

“I was glad to find him and save him successfully on time. Otherwise, he could have drowned or could have been killed by local hunters, ”said the kind man.

The creature that appears in the YouTube video and that has caused so much intrigue in users is a goral, a kind of mountain goat that lives on the cliffs of the Himalayas. They can live up to fifteen years on average and their main predator is the eagle.



Source: La Republica