Young Man Drops His Smartphone to the Ocean and Manages to Capture Incredible Underwater Trip

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This unfortunate young man suffered an accident and phone fell to the bottom of the ocean; YouTube shared the scenes recorded by this device and today astonish thousands on the network.

The stunning and captivating images conquer the internet. young man’s phone accidentally fell into the depths of the ocean and when he recovered it he checked the gallery and it was impacted by the images his smartphone had captured, which he shared on the YouTube platform, which has already gone viral and attracted attention of lovers for marine life.

What did you find? This viral video was shared by the account ‘Bl is Inspiring’ on YouTube and shows the route made by the mobile phone while immersed in the deepest waters of the sea, a fact that surprised thousands of Internet users in social networks since it achieved capture pages that are already trends in that network.

The protagonist of the viral , Gregory Papadin , enjoyed an incredible vacation in Menorca, Spain , where he decided to record his adventures with the camera of his   phone. The young man placed a waterproof case on his cell phone and put it in the water.

However, an accidental movement of Gregory’s wrist caused his smartphone to move faster until falling to the bottom of the ocean , while sinking for two minutes, before landing on the sea floor, the mobile device caught some fish and the incredible view of the sun reflected in that immensity of the ocean.

According to the statements of the owner of the phone and protagonist of the viral video on YouTube , fortunately his cell did not suffer any serious damage and that is why he was able to rescue these incredible images that have already become viral in this video platform.

Here we share the viral video that managed to register this smartphone that fell into the ocean and managed to record the entire journey that made of that vastness. The video has been cataloged as one of the most incredible that exist in the social network and the views that it has today support it.

So you can see our news gallery with the images of this funny viral video on YouTube that the cameras of the team, all you have to do is slide each photograph until you move on to the next one.

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