Young Man Discovers Terrifying Dead Shark After Visiting Abandoned Water Park [VIDEO]

A viral video shared on YouTube shows a young man’s exploration at an abandoned water park in Australia, where he found a spooky white shark that had died years ago.

You will be shocked. A young Australian shared a video on his YouTube channel, which shows the exploration he made at an abandoned water park in his country; however, he was shocked to find a terrifying marine creature dead several years ago.

The Australian youtuber visited an abandoned water park called “Wildlife Wonderland” , which is located in Victoria, Australia and has been closed since 2012. 

Lukie Mc entered the place with his camera to tour the water park and began to comment a bit of the history of the place in the YouTube video, as it had been closed for “crimes against wildlife.”

Even the place did not have “license to exhibit native animals to the public”, which resulted in the eviction and delivery of the creatures to the authorities “, as explained by the youtuber .

As seen in the YouTube images, the park is in a critical state due to the total abandonment by the managers; things are dirty and broken; nevertheless, Lukie Mc did not imagine what it would find in his route.

While the youtuber jumped the rubble to find something interesting, it came to a sink full of a greenish and dense liquid, which had inside a huge white shark of 5 meters that died in 1998, as recorded in the video of YouTube

In the YouTube images, the Australian Lukie Mc warns his followers how dangerous it is to approach the place, because the place where the shark is has a strong level of formaldehyde that makes it impossible to breathe and burn your eyes.

The white shark was for a while the attraction of the water park now   abandoned, and that was baptized as ‘Rosie’ by its owners. Thousands of users were shocked with YouTube images.

Here we leave you the video of Lukie Mc published on your YouTube channel and that lasts 28 minutes, where you will see the complete tour of the abandoned water park in Australia .