Young Man Commits Blooper When He Tried To Play a Joke On His Best Friend [VIDEO]

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A young man, who tried to play a joke on his best friend on board a yacht, however, it ended in the worst way.

A group of young friends had rented a yacht to celebrate their meeting after several months and take advantage of a walk by the sea. As recorded in the video, a terrible blooper occurred.

One of the boys was on the edge of the yacht, because he wanted to think or just watch the sunset, but he did not imagine that his friends had prepared him a cruel joke.

At the moment, that the friends of the victim were aware of the scene on board the yacht, did not hesitate to play a little joke, which consisted of pushing him so that it can fall into the sea.

Laughing, one of the boys runs up to the guy to launch him; however, he turns before the target and manages to grab a part of the yacht, which prevents him from slipping.  

But his friend, suffered the consequences of his actions, because he fell into the sea in a terrible way causing a tremendous blooper, which caused the laughter of the people aboard the yacht.

At the end of the video, you can see the boy swimming to reach the yacht, while his friends did not stop laughing at the joke that went wrong, while users compared the fun done with a situation that happened in the past.


Source: La Republica