Young Man Comes Across a Huge Fish, Captures it and Makes a Decision that is Disturbing [VIDEO]

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A young athlete and fisherman has left many without words after sharing a video in which he is seen ‘fighting’ against a huge fish that had caught his hook.

We were shown the precise moment in which the young athlete controlled this huge fish, which little by little was dominating and then take it out of the water; However, once he obtained his ‘prey’, the subject did something that has left thousands puzzled in that social network.

As revealed to us in this new viral video, a young sportsman was encouraged to fish for the first time and to his luck a huge fish caught his hook and decided to give him a fight to escape from it.

However, the young man tenaciously resisted the force of this sea creature and little by little caused the animal to lose strength and thus be able to remove it from the water. The images showed us that the young man could dominate the animal, who turned out to be a huge fish that finally fell into his arms.

The man far from taking it to cook it or sell it, let it free so he can go back to the sea and continue on his way. This fact disconcerted thousands of users and generated all kinds of comments on the social network, ranging from flattery to insults.

And is that some users of Facebook while congratulating him for doing this, others mentioned that at first should not fish if he had in mind to release their ‘prey’, because the animal ends up hurt and with “few opportunities to survive.”



Source: La Republica