Young Man Buys Two Terrifying Fish Without Imagining That They Would Have An Unexpected Confrontation [VIDEO]

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A viral video published on YouTube shows the precise moment of the unexpected fight that a boy of his two fish recorded that did not tolerate living in the same place.

Funny scene that caused laughter. Through YouTube, a viral video was shared that has unleashed thousands of laughs from users, after a young man caught an unusual confrontation of two strange fish that could not stand being in the same place and left their owner surprised .

A young man wanted to have new pets and had no better idea than acquiring marine animals to place in his house. However, he did not imagine the scene he would witness and has already quickly gone viral on YouTube.

The boy approached the fishbowl, after he saw rare movements of marine animals and wanted to check if they were in good condition. Great was his surprise to discover that they were fighting in an unexpected way.

Immediately, he took out his cell phone to record the funny moment of his pets inside the small aquarium. As you can see in the YouTube images , the fish were separated and were in holes that had been made in the sand.

After a few minutes, one of them took some dirt with his snout with the intention of throwing his partner . This action was repeated by the other pet , while hiding in the hole to avoid being a victim of aggression, but ended up falling on his head.

“I thought that only the human being had problems with his neighbor,” is the description they placed on the viral video broadcast on YouTube that already has more than 3 million views. He has also made users laugh at the scene starring the fish.

Here is the viral YouTube video:

Source: La Republica